The Next Evolution in Franchise Development

The Biggest Challenge for Franchisors Is Scheduling Appointments with Qualified Franchise Candidates. We Have Solved This Challenge.

Revolutionizing Franchising with AI for Franchisors

NextFran represents the future of franchise sales—a dynamic collaboration between two seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the franchise industry. Our co-founders include Brett Payne, the visionary mind behind, an innovative AI tool reshaping the franchise landscape, and a successful franchisor himself. Additionally, we have Ed Samane, the CEO of FranSave and a franchisor with a rich portfolio of franchise systems.

At NextFran, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology to enhance and streamline the franchise consulting experience.

The Two Biggest Challenges in Franchise Sales: Getting Leads and Closing Deals

In sales, Franchisors face two key challenges: generating leads and converting them into qualified candidates. Traditional methods often fall short, leading to wasted time and resources.

NextFran addresses these issues with, our AI-powered system automating lead generation. It ensures a consistent flow of potential candidates, allowing franchisors to scale as needed. This technology streamlines tasks, maximizes opportunities, and even schedules appointments with motivated candidates actively seeking franchises.

NextFran’s AI-Driven Franchise Development Technology is the Future of Franchise Sales and the Game Changer for Franchisors!

The NextFran AI Brand Accelerator Program:

  1. Harnesses the Power of Cutting-Edge AI and Data Science Technology
  2. Enhances and Streamlines Your Franchise Development Process
  3. Sets Appointments on Your Calendar with Qualified and Educated Franchise Candidates Who Are Exclusively Interested in Your Brand

Franchise Development is Overdue for a Paradigm Shift

Through our proprietary SalesSystem.AI, NextFran provides our clients with sophisticated, multi-pronged artificial intelligence and data science technology. The NextFran AI Brand Accelerator Program streamlines and automates lead generation, education, and qualification to filter and sort qualified franchise candidates for your company.

The result: Candidates, educated on you before the first call, and eager to schedule a time on your franchise development team’s calendar. No more chasing leads to get an appointment. We auto-populate your calendar with qualified franchise candidates; people who are actively seeking franchise ownership and are already excited and knowledgeable about your brand.

The NextFran AI Brand Accelerator Program is a novel blend of human vision and ingenuity, plus AI and data science technology. Our Program streamlines the process for franchisors, ensuring you meet well-informed, financially capable, and genuinely interested franchise candidates.

We Use Our Own Systems

At NextFran, our unwavering belief in the effectiveness of our systems goes beyond development—we actively use them in our daily operations. Brett Payne and our dedicated team rely on these very systems to facilitate franchise sales each day. We’re not just the creators of this technology; we’re hands-on practitioners, experiencing the advantages firsthand. Our profound understanding of these systems equips us to offer unmatched support and valuable insights. With NextFran, you’re not just making a product purchase; you’re becoming part of a thriving community of accomplished franchise sales professionals.

How We Save You Money

Choosing NextFran’s AI Brand Accelerator Program not only enhances your franchise sales process but also delivers substantial cost savings.  Through the automation of repetitive tasks and the streamlining of sales procedures, we eliminate wasteful spending and free up your valuable time for business expansion. Our systems are strategically designed to cut marketing expenses by establishing reliable, automated lead generation channels, eliminating the necessity for expensive, trial-and-error marketing campaigns. Furthermore, our technology is a cost-effective alternative, negating the requirement for multiple standalone tools and providing an all-inclusive, budget-friendly solution.
  1. Time is Money. How much time do you spend chasing leads? We help you get your time back.
  2. Not all leads are good leads. Talk to qualified franchise candidates only.
  3. Unqualified meetings with leads are death.. Limit meetings to qualified franchise candidates and get the job done.
  4. Approximately 80% of marketing agencies and PR firms’ costs are for their overhead.. Stop paying their light bills.

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